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秒速时时彩投注官网 Diffusion membrane

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Product Description:
Surface uniformity and optical quality,no bright spots,the average light transmission rate stability.Principle to form a visual difference bettween micro-structure to achieve dispersion,ultra-thin,powder-less,into the smooth,regardless of the positive and negative.The uniformity of light transmission,quality stability.Entirely through the high temperature and humidity test,thermal shock test,ROSH environmental protection requirement.There is no black and white points.
The role of diffusion barriers in addition to amendments to the angle of light outside the optical total reflection for the destruction of the structure,but also has covered the role of diffusion film includes the transmittance of the optical parameters and the fog level,depending on the light guide plate appearance of the effect of advantageous selection.It provides the appropriate backlight module light diffusion effect,but also have anti-static effect.
Side of the backlight and the backlight color,black and white screen backlight,mobile phone backlight,displays and other electronic products and advertising light boxes light.


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