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秒速时时彩开奖直播网站 3-layers scratch-free pet film

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Product Description:
Transparent polyester film by the ultra(pet) special silicone coating,the paste from co-PET film,and paste together in the hardened surface protective film composed of PET.
Anti-scratch treatment,and sensifive fouching effect.
Special adhesive,no bubbles;
Hight quality of material;
Surface hardness class 4H,weather resistance,low adhesion and easy to tear.
Electrostatic adsorption of low adhesion auto exhaust and easy to tear off without leaving any air bubbles;
Can be reused and no residue after removal;
And a high optical transmittance results 95% of the original color rendering;
Can effectively protect the screen,no bumps,scratches and pollution.
Used to protect the surface of flat panel displays(glass,acrylic,or PC material);
CRT touch screen,mobile phones,digital cameras,PDA panel;
Mobile phone displays,navigation displays,computer touch screen display and all kinds of screen savers.


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